Elizabeth grew up mostly in Laguna Beach, California, however she lived in eighteen places by the time she was just eighteen years old.  Stability was fleeting for Elizabeth, her younger brother and her single mom.   Elizabeth's parents divorced when she was barely four years old and sadly they battled most of the time.  Money was scarce, food stamps and school lunches were necessary until she finally reached high school. Financial woes were not the worst of what her family had to deal with.  When Elizabeth's brother was around twelve years old, he was kidnapped by a predator and life would never be the same after he was finally found.  In addition to the already difficult living conditions, metal illness and addiction also ran in her family which frequently added to their drama. 

As a young adult in her twenties Elizabeth continued to move frequently between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  She had numerous job/career changes along the way and she did everything from a brief acting career in Hollywood, to selling real estate and selling Anthony Robbin's sales seminars, and of course being an artist.  Feeling the need for constant change has influenced the various types of art Elizabeth has produced, and she claims both of her parents have had a large influence on the art she has made in the past, and continues to make today. 

Elizabeth's mother, Karen Lundegaard, was a spiritual meduim, and an activist for the environment and humanitarian causes, and she had a PhD in psycholology.  One of Karen's most famous clients was the author Amy Tan, and in one of her books Saving Fish From Drowning, Amy dedicates a part of the book to Karen.  Elizabeth's father, Virgil Laul, was an engineer and an inventor. He was an immigrant to the United States, originally from the former USSR. He and his parents escaped the communists and lived in a refugee camp in Germany for many years which affected him deeply. Both of Elizabeth's parents died of cancer too young, and as a result Elizabeth has helped raise money for various cancer foundations. 


In 1999 Elizabeth met her husband Duffy Healey in Southern California.  Duffy owned a successful luxury magazine called Distinctive Homes, and shortly after they met Elizabeth started working for the magazine.  She began as sales manager but was also running the art department of the publication, and eventually began her professional photography while working there too.  In no time Elizabeth was shooting multimillion dollar homes of the rich and famous in Southern California, Sun Valley Idaho and Mexico.  Elizabeth also worked as a contractor and photographer for the Trump Organization and was hired on a regular basis to shoot his properties and golf course in Los Angeles.  In 2008 the Healey's sold the magazine, and in 2011 Elizabeth and her husband Duffy, and their two children, moved from California to North Carolina to the Raleigh/Durham area.  

More recently Elizabeth has been featured in several articles in the past couple years including being in the Herald Sun Newspaper and the Indy Weekly in Durham, plus the News & Observer in Raleigh did a feature article on her, and the ArtsNow NC gave her an honorable mention and did an article on her too.  Elizabeth has been working in the past couple years on new works that combine her paintings, sculptures, and photography in what she calls her installation photography and will be seeking new gallery representation for that work. Some of her newest work is not shown on this website so that it can be featured in a new gallery in the coming months.

As of 2017 Elizabeth is proud to have donated art to many charities resulting in well over $100,000 in sales.  She has contributed to Oceana, Surfer's Healing - to benefit autistic children, Habitat for Humanity, Christie's Bid to Save the Earth, Sea No Evil, various Breast Cancer foundations, numerous Humane Societies, Waterman's Ball, Art Ball benefitting Cary Visual Art, the Visual Art Exchange in Raleigh, and more. Elizabeth's art is currently showing in Florida, California, North Carolina, and Mexico.  Her work has been collected 20th Century Fox Studios and by people and businesses across the US, Mexico, Europe, & Kuala Lumpur, and even by a couple celebrities.

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Elizabeth Laul Healey